Voluntary carbon market

The first global spot exchange for voluntary carbon offsets

CTX hosts a number of projects registered with the Gold Standard and is expecting to add Voluntary Carbon Standard projects in Q4 2016. CTX guarantees to offer the widest variety of premium voluntary offset projects in the market and all our projects are supported by rigorous methodologies that have been improved through over twenty years of scientific and political scrutiny. The listings cover a broad range of prices, geographies and project types. Current listings include:

  • Rural electrification programmes that bring light and communication to remote areas;
  • Clean cook stove projects that eliminate toxic indoor smoke and enable children to attend school rather than collect firewood; and
  • Safe water projects that save children’s lives by reducing disease.

Compliance carbon market

Exchange technology for existing and emergent compliance markets

Following the Paris Agreement, we anticipate a growing acceptance of and appetite for regulated carbon markets. As markets develop and mature, there is a need for robust, flexible exchange technology that can support increased trading volumes and maximise market efficiency. GEM has already used the CTX technology to develop parallel spot exchanges for the US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the Californian cap-and-trade program, and the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), and it is actively seeking opportunities to licence or develop technology for operators in other compliance markets.