What is CTX?

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) is the first global electronic exchange for the voluntary carbon market, operating successfully for almost ten years, over which more than 10 million verified tonnes of CO2 have been securely transacted by corporates, project developers, brokers and NGOs.

Following a global re-launch,  CTX is now:

  • Free to join
  • Free to list credits on
  • Free to buy credits from*
  • Limiting sellers’ transaction fees to 2% on completed sales only, to be automatically deduced from the proceeds of a sale

We believe this offer makes us the most cost-effective and transparent trading intermediary in the carbon market. To see what it is all about, join at www.ctxglobal.net or read more below.

Key features

Immediate clearing and settlement of funds and credits

Live market information helps users understand project characteristics and sales trends

Full encryption and security checks for all members

Buy and sell in one of four currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, AUD)

How it works

  • Your application is processed by our team
  • To finalise their applications, all members agree to standardised legal and commercial terms, enabling contracts to be cleared and settled electronically
  • Once joined, members list their VERs for sale and can browse those listed
  • If buyers are in funds, they can purchase immediately from listed projects
  • Trades are cleared and settled in real time, with VERs and funds transferred simultaneously

Other Features

  • Buyers accounts must be ‘in funds’ to procure from the exchange, meaning Sellers have total confidence that they will be paid as soon as a trade takes place
  • VERs listed for sale are ‘locked’ whilst listed on the exchange, meaning Buyers have total confidence that they will receive their chosen VERs immediately and that those VERs are legitimate
  • Sellers can choose from four currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, AUD) to list their VERs and to receive payment, whilst sellers can choose the currency in which they wish to buy, view prices and pay for units. FX rates are updated every three hours and the exchange automatically manages the FX conversion, ensuring that both parties pay and receive the amounts they expect
  • Users can search for and list according to a number of unit attributes, including country, standard and project type.
  • Integration with carbon registries enables members to access project documentation and audit reports for their own due diligence process

*CTX is free to buy from for buyers with the requisite carbon registry accounts. Buyers of CERs for Voluntary Cancellation do not require a registry account. If you do not have other carbon registry accounts, the CTX sales team can assist you to purchase from the Exchange.

Have a question? Read our FAQs or contact the team.